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BMW South Africa Set to Export to China

BMW South Africa's Rosslyn Plant outside Tshwane will begin exporting its 3 Series vehicles to China later this year, after receiving a China Quality...

A Few Things Americans Can Learn From Cuba

AFRICANGLOBE - Americans could learn a lot if they would just look and listen to the world around them, a place where lots of peoples and nations are smarter, kinder and happier than we are. Cuba is making great progress towards its goal to become a “medical superpower,” while in the U.S. “African/Black political prisoners continue to languish in solitary confinement in the bowels of the world’s most despicable prison system.”

Kenyan Hotels Spice Up Their Menus

Hoteliers are embracing innovation and diversification into a wide range of product offers to be the most attractive. To increase the figures annually on both local and international visitors, hotels are investing millions of shillings in unique honeymoon rooms