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Queens Of Africa Dolls Taking On Barbie

AFRICANGLOBE - The blonde, blue-eyed Californian Barbie doll made by the toy giant Mattel has dominated the market for decades. But in Nigeria one entrepreneur saw a gap in the market when he was unable to find a suitable Black doll for his daughter.

‘Queens Of Africa’ Dolls Outsell Barbie In Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - What began as a way of giving his daughter an alternative to Barbie - and the European standard of beauty she presents - led to Taofick Okoya creating a line of African dolls that not only celebrate the beauty of Black women, but showcase Nigeria's heritage in all its glory.

In Nigeria, ‘Queens of Africa’ Dolls Outsell Barbie

AFRICANGLOBE - With a booming economy in Nigeria and more African children than anywhere else in the world, Taofick Okoya was dismayed some years ago when he couldn't find a Black doll for his niece. The 43-year-old spotted a gap in the market and with little competition from foreign firms such as Mattel Inc, the maker of Barbie, he set up his own business. He outsourced manufacturing of doll parts to low-cost China, assembled them onshore and added a twist - traditional Nigerian costumes.