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Race Soldiers Arrest 12-Year-Old Child, Tries To Stifle Him With Plastic...

AFRICANGLOBE - Shocking. Shameful. Unconscionable. Intolerable. These are just a few of the terms used in reaction to word that a 12-year-old child was recently restrained by Sacramento police officers who then placed a white plastic bag over his head and shoulders.

Cops Already Lying After Officer Is Caught On Video Murdering PREGNANT...

AFRICANGLOBE - Police in Texas appeared to be attempting to control the narrative surrounding the fatal shooting of a Black woman in suburban Houston Monday night. A Baytown Police officer murdered Pamela Turner in a shooting that was recorded on video by a bystander. The video showed the unidentified officer assaulting Turner and using his Taser on her, forcing her to the ground. Turner could be heard yelling, “I’m pregnant!” before the race soldier pulled out his gun and fired at her five times at very close range.

Video Shows Texas Race Soldier MURDERING Unarmed PREGNANT Black Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - A tragedy unfolded Monday night in Houston, Texas when a Baytown race soldier approached a woman, identified by her family as 44-year-old Pamela Turner, and killed her. Turner’s last words before she was shot five times by the thug cop were “I’m pregnant.”

Police Officer’s Son Arrested For Torching Black Churches In Louisiana

AFRICANGLOBE - One person has been arrested in connection with the fires at three historically Black Baptist churches in Louisiana, multiple media sources have reported. The suspect is Holden Matthews, 21. He is the son of a St. Landry Parish sheriff's deputy.