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How My Mother Taught Me Racial Consciousness

AFRICANGLOBE - I don’t remember any moment of my life that I didn’t know that I was Black and the implications this has. I cherish memories of early childhood in which I heard my mother revealing her experiences with racism. I heard these stories repeated times, but only recently realized how much they were instrumental in my life.

A Lighter Shade Of Black… Observations Of Racial Identity In...

AFRICANGLOBE - This post is not an academic essay on Racial Identity. It’s simply a personal account of what I’ve witnessed and experienced while in Rio de janeiro/Brazil, and thoughts of locals and expats I have met. If you come to Brazil thinking racism doesn’t exist (or you chose to label it ‘classism’ – another topic in itself, as opposed to what it really is), welcome to the real world. I’m here to bring you down to reality.