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Bank Calls Cops On Black Man Because “His Paycheck Was Too...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Black Ohio man said bank tellers refused to cash a paycheck from his new job, and then called 911 on him, because they were suspicious that he earned so much. Paul McCowns tried to cash his first paycheck from a job with an electric company Dec. 1 at Huntington Bank in the Cleveland suburb of Brooklyn, reported WOIO-TV.

Police Union Wants Trump To Reverse ‘Ban On Racial Profiling’ In...

AFRICANGLOBE - The National Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement suggesting what actions the Trump administration might take in its first 100 days, including among them a reversal of “the broad, Bush-era ban on racial profiling.”

Off-Duty Black Officer Brutalized By Fellow Cops Who Racially Profiled Him

AFRICANGLOBE - Off-duty police officer Robert Parker was walking away from a nearby mall where a man had been shot and wounded just minutes before. A police officer pulled up beside him, threw him to the ground, and punched him in the head despite Parker passively complying to all commands and attempting to identify himself as a fellow officer.

NYPD Officer Punished For Not Targeting Black Men

AFRICANGLOBE - Many have claimed that various police departments throughout the United States engage in the illegal practice of racial profiling. Now, a federal lawsuit filed by an NYPD cop has produced documented evidence.

TSA Agrees To Stop Singling Out Black Women For Hair Searches

AFRICANGLOBE - TSA, the nation’s Transportation Security Administration, has agreed to stop searching through the hair of African American women who wear all natural hairstyles. The agency said, “TSA has reached an informal agreement with the ACLU to enhance officer training. Racial profiling is not tolerated by TSA. Not only is racial profiling prohibited under DHS and agency policy, but it is also an ineffective security tactic.”

‘Django Unchained’ Actress Charged With Lewd Conduct

AFRICANGLOBE - The Django Unchained actress who claimed racial profiling by police last month has been charged with lewd conduct. Daniele Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas were each reportedly charged with lewd conduct.

Macy’s Settles Racial Profiling Probe With New York State For $650,000

AFRICANGLOBE - Macy’s is coughing up $650,000 to settle accusations of racial profiling against its store in New York City’s Herald Square, the. The retail giant signed on to an agreement on Tuesday with the attorney general of New York.

Dream Defenders Continue to Take Over Florida State Capitol

AFRICANGLOBE - The Dream Defenders are an inspiring and organized student movement going into week four of their sit-in and occupation of the Florida governor’s office. They are demanding changes in Florida laws that criminalize young Black people.

Racial Profiling Gone Wrong: Bigot Cops Didn’t Recognize Off-Duty Chief

AFRICANGLOBE - At least one cop has been disciplined for ordering the NYPD's highest-ranking uniformed Black officer out of his auto while the three-star chief was off-duty and parked in Queens.

Racial Profiling: Black Students Arrested White Students Party On

AFRICANGLOBE - Some University of Southern California students say they were unfairly targeted Sunday morning when LAPD officers broke up a party and arrested several students. However, police say they were attacked by the students, who maintain they are victims of racial profiling.

Mayor Bloomberg Stop Lying: Racial Profiling is Not Good Policing

AFRICANGLOBE - Mayor Bloomberg did not offer New Yorkers a speech on public safety yesterday. Instead, he gave his skewed reality of stop-and-frisk policing tactics and an unreflective view of the communities most affected by his policies.