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White CVS Employee Called The Cops On Woman Because She Didn’t...

AFRICANGLOBE - Kendriana Washington, a woman who was trying to pick up her prescription at a CVS Pharmacy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said she received poor customer service from the store’s white employees. She said one told her she didn’t have enough money, and another called the police on her because she didn’t like the tone of her voice, as seen on a video she recorded and posted on social media.

Court Docs Reveal That Ronald Ritchie Lied So That Cops Could...

AFRICANGLOBE - Nearly five years after the police execution of John Crawford III inside the Beavercreek Walmart store, the retailer says the man who called 911 was not telling the truth. "Ronald Ritchie intentionally lied to the police," court documents state, "Ronald Ritchie was not a Good Samaritan who was mistaken." The document lays out a case that claims Ritchie lied about watching Crawford load an automatic rifle with live rounds and point the gun at women and children.