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Inside The U.S.A.: Ferguson Reexamined

AFRICANGLOBE - The US justice system is no longer concerned with justice, but with the careers of prosecutors, punishing the powerless, and protecting the powerful. As justice has largely departed the justice system, it is hardly surprising that police lack any concept of justice.

Juror In Michael Brown Case Sues To Remove Gag Order –...

AFRICANGLOBE - A member of the grand jury that declined to indict the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown asked a federal court Monday to remove a lifetime gag order preventing jurors from discussing the case.

Fear In Ferguson – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - I have no idea what happens now in Ferguson but I do know some Blacks in Missouri. The Missouri Blacks that I know are scared! Not just afraid of cops, they are timid in general. They are slow to respond, reluctant to stand up and speak out and have little desire to fight for their children and their community. Victims and parents typically say that Black community violence is not the answer but history says the opposite.

Are Black Americans More Race Conscious Than Black Caribbeans?

AFRICANGLOBE - Are Caribbean people over race? One Jamaican-American blogger, Aidan Neal, says they are, at least in comparison with their American neighbors. In a provocative piece titled “Racism In America: Caribbeans Just Don't Get It“, she argued that because of their historical experiences, native-born African-Americans have an ”often unwarranted sense of racial awareness”

The Republican Party: History Of Conservatives And Racism In America

AFRICANGLOBE - Prior to the Civil War the Republican Party was made up of big business interests and Northern aristocrats, and the Democratic Party was made up of Dixiecrats and Southern agrarian interests - farmers and slave owners. Thus, the Republicans were progressive liberals and the Democrats, or Dixiecrats, were Southern conservative slave owners.

The US Supreme Court Thinks Racism Is Dead. What Planet Do...

ARICANGLOBE - Last week the US supreme court reassessed the nation's history of voter exclusion and decided that the White disease of racism was cured. No sooner had the court pronounced racism dead than its skeleton emerged from cupboards galore and started doing the can-can on primetime.