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After The Rape Of Theo: Who Will Protect Our People From...

AFRICANGLOBE - For more than a week, France has been rocked by tensions that flared up over a police officer raping and beating a 22-year-old Black man called Theo. This brutal aggression is the latest police violation to dominate headlines in France. When state violence becomes systematic and rarely punished, the society falls into a vicious cycle where violence only triggers more violence. The case of Theo is a natural outcome of the failure of the state - on all levels - to combat racism, discrimination and put an end to police violence and abuses against the Black inhabitants of the suburbs.

French Students Set Fire To Bins In Latest ‘Justice For Théo’...

AFRICANGLOBE - Pupils carried bins and barriers to block the entrance to more than a dozen schools across Paris. The anti-police protests were organised by the Mouvement Inter Luttes Indépendant, an organisation run by anti-establishment and anti-fascist activists and students. Word of the spontaneous demonstrations and school blockades was spread across social media thanks to the hashtag "#BlocusPourThéo" (#BlocadeForThéo) on Wednesday night, in response to the young Black youth who was raped by a policeman with a baton.