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Racism Is Making The Wuhan Coronavirus Worse Among Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - “Long before COVID-19, Black communities were experiencing deep health and economic inequities that are only intensified by a public health crisis of this magnitude.” The COVID-19 global pandemic is a nightmare unfolding before our eyes that could have devastating impacts that Black Americans could feel most acutely. With scarce testing, health care workers and ventilators there are signs that Black communities across the country are bearing the brunt  of an inept federal response.

Why Do White People Hate Us So Much?

ARICANGLOBE - Several months ago, I wrote an article claiming that one of the driving forces behind white racism and animosity toward Black people is that of retaliation. In summary, on a deep, subconscious level the white collective has inherited from its ancient and medieval ancestors an entrenched resentment of Black people. I believe we as a people should pause, gather our wits about us and calmly evaluate the true nature of white racism toward us. We are not just facing racial prejudice and intolerance but, rather, a deep-seated, visceral, reflexive loathing of Black people by whites on a global.

Racist, Xenophobic Britain Is Going Down The Drain

AFRICANGLOBE - There are signs that Great Britain has fallen on the slippery slope of moral deterioration. The recent surge in nationalistic jingoism and xenophobia in Britain is lamentable and obnoxious. On November 14, it was reported that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said that some of his friends had been called “n*ggers” and “Pakis” and it is apparent that such racist abuse has greatly increased in recent months. In October, the British Home Office reported that the number of racist hate crimes in the country had increased by 41 percent after the so-called “Brexit” vote.

German TV Creates Controversy Over Blackface Comedy Sketch

AFRICANGLOBE - German public broadcaster SWR has come under fire for a comedy sketch in which a presenter is disguised using blackface. The Initiative of Black People in Germany says the stunt reflects a racist tradition in which minorities are depicted with exaggerated features to make audiences laugh.

White Mayor Pressured To Resign After Racist Facebook Posts Are Exposed

AFRICANGLOBE - A Pennsylvannia city council is calling for their mayor to step down for constantly posting racist remarks on his public social media page. Charles Wasko, mayor of West York, repeatedly compared President Obama and his family to monkeys and also joked about lynching him in various posts to his Facebook page,

Under Obama The Racial Wage Gap Is The Largest In 36...

AFRICANGLOBE - The wage gap between Black and white workers in the US has increased significantly since 1979, all while productivity has gone up by nearly 63 percent overall, according to a new report. Younger Black women, or those with 10 years of experience or less, have lost the most ground compared to their white peers since 2000. This category of Black women earned 4.1 percent less than young white women in 2000; in 2015, that gap has grown to 10.8 percent less.

Indiana Man Charged With Hate Crime After Assaulting And Firing Shot...

AFRICANGLOBE - According to police, the victim was walking in the downtown area during the late evening hours when a man yelled a racial slur at him. The victim walked toward the man, later reportedly identified as Oedzes, who pointed a gun at him. As he put his hands in the air and started walking away, Oedzes allegedly fired a shot in the direction of the victim, who was unharmed and ran away, police said.

Brazilian Swirler Assaulted By Middle Age Hitler Supporter, White Husband Does...

AFRICANGLOBE - More from the land of “we Brazilians aren’t racists!” Today’s latest example of unbridled, in your face racism is not at all shocking to me as I have always been on the side of the fence that says both subtle and blatant racism have ALWAYS existed in Brazil! Today’s case, once again, reveals so much about race relations in Brazil, much of which has been covered. Before we get into the analysis, let me first share with you the latest racial incident from the ‘racial paradise’.

South African School Forces Black Girls To Straighten Their Hair And...

AFRICANGLOBE - Pretoria Girls High School is facing a furious backlash after instructing Black school pupils to straighten their hair. Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi had received complaints about the hair policy‚ allegations that pupils in groups of two or more were being stopped and asked questions – after an earlier protest by pupils – and was told that teachers prevented pupils from speaking African languages. “Girls attending the school have been forced to straighten their hair; are accused of conspiring when standing in groups and face other intolerable comments and actions.

South Africa: Race Relations So Bad It Could Lead To Civil...

AFRICANGLOBE - Race relations in South Africa are so bad that it could lead to civil war, retired Judge Bernard Ngoepe has warned. Ngoepe told a forum at the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism that racism should be criminalised. “Are you not going to criminalise racism, even though there is the distinct threat that the country may explode? Unless we criminalise it, there will be danger to the unity of a nation.”

The Horrific Everyday Racist Treatment Of Africans Abroad

AFRICANGLOBE - Many Africans leave their majority Black countries with naïve notions of race and racism, and the realisation that someone else sees them as less than human simply because of the colour of their skin is an extreme culture shock. The stories we hear are of everyday racist treatment, yet we rarely hear any African government raising hell to protect the wellbeing of their citizens. Here are just a few of the more recent stories, one of which just happened in India.

The Plague Of White Terrorism In America

AFRICANGLOBE - Mass Incarceration and its concomitant Police Brutality, like Slavery, Lynching and Jim Crow before them, all speak to the existence of a problem never addressed in western media – White Terrorism. White Terrorism exists alright. It is the kind of terrorism that has maintained white privilege by and large in the United States for more than four centuries. The plague of White Terrorism running down American streets has been called many names at different times – Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crow and the War on Drugs/Blacks.

Organization Of American States Comes Down Hard On Dominican Republic Over...

AFRICANGLOBE - In September 2013, a high court in the Dominican Republic ruled that anyone born after 1929 to undocumented people were not Dominican citizens; some 200,000 people are now at risk of being deported and becoming stateless, the majority of them Black.

The Firsthand Racism I Experienced In Australia

AFRICANGLOBE - Adam Goodes, an indigenous Australian football player, doing an indigenous dance and throwing an imaginary spear towards the crowd to celebrate a goal during Indigenous Week has opened a can of worms in Australia. Some people suggest Adam Goodes is provocative and divisive. While others suggest Australia is a racist country.

Bradford Stabbing Prompts British Asians To Warn Of Racism Toward Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Elements of Asian communities in Britain are racist towards Black people, prominent Asians have warned, after a 14-year-old boy of Pakistani origin from Bradford was convicted of stabbing his Black teacher in a racist attack.

Thug Cops: Protectors Or Predators?

AFRICANGLOBE - There is an embedded terror in the U.S., and it is not the boogie man or ISIS. It’s racism. Racism is often expressed through stereotypes, unsubstantiated judgments, discrimination and violence. Lately, racism has been portrayed by the very individuals sworn to protect the communities in this country, regardless of race, culture or creed.