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Black People Cannot Be Racist – MUST READ

AFRICANGLOBE - A man cannot hate the whip with which he is being flogged but then be expected to love the person doing the flogging. When such a Black man, lying helpless bleeding on the ground expresses hate for the white person wielding the whip, it is only reasonable. Why must Black people educate white people on what it means to be humane? We are tired of doing that. And it’s crazy how the people closest to the oppression have to constantly explain themselves and their anger. This isn’t about you. Your opinion is not wanted. How dare you want to equate our struggle as Black people, to what you go through?

Racist Savages Attack Black Man In Paris

AFRICANGLOBE - A Black man who was blocked from boarding a Paris metro train by Chelsea football fans chanting racist slogans wants the group to be 'found, punished and locked up'.

Yes, All White People Are Racists — Now Let’s Do Something...

AFRICANGLOBE - We are very good at shaming the likes of Donald Sterling or Clive Bundy when they say overtly racist things, but we're not very good at confronting the deeper structural racism.

Israel; Where it is OK to Be Racist Against Africans

The inflammatory comments of Israeli politicians have stoked protests and attacks against African migrants in recent months. It is sad to se how Israeli people...

Racist Woman On U.K.Train Sparks Outrage

AFRICANGLOBE - Video footage showing a white woman launch into a racist outburst on board a south London tram has sparked unprecedented outrage since it surfaced online last night (Nov 27).

Dr. Boyce: Herman Cain Has Become The Perfect Racist

Instead of marching for progress, Cain learned long ago that making whites feel comfortable was a powerful and simple key to success. He seems to think that Black folks who are unwilling to give in to structurally oppresive forces are somehow making things worse for themselves by not standing and applauding the grace of whites who’ve decided to no longer hang our relatives in the middle of the night.