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Race In South Africa And The Woman In The Cage

AFRICANGLOBE - For those Blacks who believe that the Constitution of South Africa is not anti-Black and are kept busy by individual acts of racism, I do think Toni Morrison offers an antidote provided that they are ready to receive the message.

Pregnant S. African Woman Is Forced To Ride In Animal Cage...

AFRICANGLOBE - A white farmer who forced a pregnant woman to ride in a cage on the back of his truck has shown "no remorse" for the psychological trauma the woman was subjected to, the ANC Women's League (ANCWL) said on Thursday. The photo of Stenekamp sitting in a cage on the back of Johan Erasmus' bakkie circulated on social media on Thursday, upsetting people who considered the incident racist and degrading to the woman.

Fear Of A Race Riot In S. Africa As White Settlers...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two white South African farmers who forced a Black man into a coffin and threatened to set him alight are facing Christmas in custody amid fears their release would spark a race riot. More than 400 protestors, held back by a line of police, called for 'revenge' outside the magistrates' court as prosecutors warned that the 'very very serious matter' could threaten public order.

Economically, South Africa Is Apartheid Without The Guilt

AFRICANGLOBE - Basically, the new South Africa, economically, is apartheid without the guilt. Of our 14 wealthiest people, only two of them are Black in a country where 90% of the people are Black. And, according to the census in 2012, Black people on average earn six times less than white people. To put it simply, the only white people who didn’t benefit from apartheid are the albinos.

Zuma Dreams Of A People Without Colour

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa, though a powerhouse on the African economic scene, is the most unequal country on the continent as the African majority wallows in want on a beach of gold. Whites control the means of production, land and mineral resources.