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Blackface Is White Supremacy As Fashion

AFRICANGLOBE - Blackface is in the news. But then, blackface always seems to be in the news. As long as there are costume party revelers, thickheaded college students, button-pushing artists, free-associating designers and plain old unrepentant racists, there will be blackface.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring Is Also A Fan Of Blackface

AFRICANGLOBE - The man who’s second in line to become Virginia’s governor on Wednesday admitted that he too has worn blackface — just days after he called on Gov. Ralph Northam to resign for the same thing.

Blackface; Lynching Pictures; Another Democrat Governor Exposed

AFRICANGLOBE - Horrifying blackface and lynching images from North Carolina Democrat Roy Cooper’s yearbook have emerged just days after he called on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign over racist images in his yearbook.