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Vladimir Putin Wants To Control Rap Music In Russia

AFRICANGLOBE - Alarmed by the growing popularity of rap music among Russian youth, President Vladimir Putin wants cultural leaders to devise a means of controlling, rather than banning, the popular music.

Ma$e Says, “I’m Done With Church” — Working On A New...

AFRICANGLOBE - 36-year old Mason Betha, better known as Ma$e, has reportedly cut all ties with the church and is now back involved with rap music. According to reports, his church and marriage have both collapsed.

Rap Disrespect Of Black Icons Raises Concerns

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of today's mainstream rappers use images of revolutionary Black icons to promote an anti-establishment image. All the while, they're being funded and pushed by major corporations. Mainstream rap music has lost its reverence for anything besides money. Today's rappers threaten to kill people who disrespect them, but they sit back and let you disrespect our legacy, our culture, our history.