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Do Not Let Them Trick You, Fidel Castro Is A Hero,...

AFRICANGLOBE - Do not let your enemies determine who your heroes should be. By all measures Fidel Castro was a good friend to Black people, both in Africa and in the diaspora, there are entire swaths of Africa that is free today because of the enormous sacrifices in blood and treasure made by the Cuban Military.

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s Former President, Has Died At Age 90

AFRICANGLOBE - Fidel Castro, Cuba's former president and leader of the Communist revolution, has died aged 90, state TV has announced. It provided no further details. Fidel Castro ruled Cuba as a one-party state for almost half a century before handing over the powers to his brother Raul in 2008.

World Says Farewell To Nelson Mandela

AFRICANGLOBE - World leaders, from US President Barack Obama to Cuba's Raul Castro, are paying homage to Nelson Mandela at a mass memorial in South Africa that recalls his gift for bringing enemies together across political and racial divides.

Raul Castro Announces His Retirement

AFRICANGLOBE - Raul Castro announced Sunday that he will step down as Cuba's president in 2018 following a final five-year term, for the first time putting a date on the end of the Castro era. He tapped rising star Miguel Diaz-Canel as his top lieutenant and first in the line of succession.