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Lesbian Raven-Symoné Explains Why She Doesn’t Consider Herself African-American

AFRICANGLOBE - Lesbian Raven-Symoné is setting the record straight on why she doesn’t want to be called African-American. Last year the Cosby Show and That So Raven alum nearly broke the internet when she sat with Oprah Winfrey for an interview on OWN’s Oprah: Where Are They Now? series and proclaimed she isn’t African-American

Raven Symone Really Wanted To Say That She Wasn’t Black!

AFRICANGLOBE - The Raven Symone mentality is indicative of so many in the world today who hope to get away from being recognized as what they really are. It goes far beyond denial of self and is actually an extreme case of being delusional. Black people in America definitely have an identity problem – not all of us – but too many of us!

Raven Symone To Oprah: ‘I’m Not African-American — I’m American’

AFRICANGLOBE - Raven Symone just gave us all something to think about. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the actress/singer/lesbian says she doesn’t need labels, and would prefer not to be categorized as “African-American.”