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Same Sex Marriage Will Soon Attract a Prison Sentence in Nigeria

Bad news for gays and lesbians. Anybody wishing to contract a marriage with another person of the same sex had better leave the Nigerian shores or risk three years in jail.

12 Reasons Why Africans Are Poor, Miserable And Pitiable (2Of12)

AFRICANGLOBE - Many members of our community consume more than they invest. Many of us Blacks appear completely ignorant of the law of seed time and harvest time; the law of sowing and reaping and the law of gathering and scattering. It is obvious that millions of Africans do not have a culture of investing for a better tomorrow.

12 Reasons Why Africans Are Poor, Miserable And Pitiable (I)

AFRICANGLOBE - Why are Africans, whether at home or in the Diaspora, poor, miserable, pitiable and terribly underdeveloped compared to other races? I told you last week that I am by no means an empirical researcher but a man who makes his claims based on observation; in short, I am an observational researcher. And from my observational research, I can say that the number one reason is that we do not read. Simple. There is no genetic factor responsible for this simple but important fact. We have not recognised the importance of reading and have therefore not sought to cultivate this skill in our community. Our adults do not read much and so their children do not grow up to become avid readers and searchers for knowledge.