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Michelle Williams Defends Husband Over “Insensitive” Comments

AFRICANGLOBE - Michelle Williams has defended her fiancé after he made an insensitive comment and about her mental health and got angry when she brought up the topic of race. The Destiny’s Child member is engaged to pastor Chad Johnson, who is white, and has opened up their relationship to viewers as part of a reality show. Now, the singer has called on viewers not to judge her husband-to-be from a soundbite after he attracted criticism from viewers.

2016: The Final Season Of The Clinton/Trump Reality Show

AFRICANGLOBE - This ever more divorced from reality show looks like the grand finale of a political system that’s finally discarded any lingering pretense of policy proposals, budgetary priorities, and functional governance. Now it’s all come down to a simplistic, binary choice between a bombastic, narcissistic villain and a cold, calculating scoundrel. It’s a choice between doom and not doom. It’s us versus them. Like the Fonz in a leather jacket on water skis jumping over a dangerous shark, this grotesque campaign looks more and more like one big gimmicky stunt to drum up ratings for a tired, predictable premise.

Revelations or Ridiculousness? Black Pastors Star in Reality TV Show

AFRICANGLOBE - Six Black pastors have signed on for a new reality show on Oxygen called “Pastors of L.A.” — a detailed look at the lives of men of God in Los Angeles. When challenged about what many have called his prosperity Gospel, Bishop replies, “there is no other kind of Gospel.”

Are Blacks to Blame For the Popularity of Reality Shows?

AFRICANGLOBE - At this point, most Black people with an Internet connection have heard the news that the Oxygen network has a new reality show in the pipeline that revolves around G-Unit rapper Shawty Lo and the relationships he has with the ten mothers of his eleven children.