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DR Congo: Dilemma as UN Plans Intervention

AFRICANGLOBE - United Nations aid workers and vulnerable civilians are under threat of violent attacks following a planned offensive by UN peacekeeping forces in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The offensive was planned on the back of frequent rebel forces attacks on civilians and aid workers, as a method of undermining or fighting local and international governments.

Mali’s Army in a State of Emergency

AFRICANGLOBE - The Malian army once cut a disciplined image of a well-trained and well-equipped force. But its image as a model army was blown into smithereens under the shells of Tuareg traitors and their Arab allies.

BREAKING NEWS: Gaddafi's Regime Crumbles As Rebels Seize "Green Square" In...

The 42-year rule of Moammar Gaddafi appeared on the verge of collapse early Monday, with rebel supporters making it to the same Tripoli square where regime loyalists had congregated for months.