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America’s Foreign Policy: Regime Change Abroad, Fascism At Home

AFRICANGLOBE - America has made countless other peoples around the world suffer. It has turned democracies into dictatorships with a systematicity that far outpaces any other country. The only legitimation for its actions has been the agenda of “regime change” in the interests of “global democracy” that neither the Republican nor the Democratic party ever questioned publicly.

United Nations Trying To Bring Down The Government Of South Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan President Salva Kiir has accused the United Nations of working with his rivals to orchestrate a regime change. Mr Kiir was reacting to the latest UN report which stated that he and his chief of general staff, Paul Malong Awan, ordered renewed fighting in Juba on July 8. The UN has however denied siding with rebels, saying the global body transported rebel leader Riek Machar and 500 armed opposition fighters on humanitarian grounds.

South Sudan’s President Wins Over Opposition Opposition, Consolidating Govt Position

AFRICANGLOBE - A month since he fled Juba, little has been heard from traitor Riek Machar, save for a brief interview with Al Jazeera TV. He is believed to be hiding in Yei, south of Juba. Meanwhile, President Salva Kiir has been consolidating his grip on power, reaching out to members of the South Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO). The effort seems to be paying off.

Why Is America Trying To Overthrow South Sudan’s Government?

AFRICANGLOBE - The government of South Sudan has strongly criticized the U.S.' proposal at the UN Security Council to send 4,000 soldiers to the country, alleging the move is aimed at instigating a regime change. The government claimed the resolution would give the UN the ability to govern the country. "Previously, the international community intervened in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya with the aim to bring peace and democracy to those states, [however, it only] succeeded in removing the ruling regimes there, but failed to bring peace and security, and no one till now knows when peace will return in those countries,"

Regime Change Agenda: Obama To Send 200 Soldiers To South Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - Barack Obama on Friday said he would deploy up to 200 US troops equipped with combat equipment to South Sudan. The US troops will be initially stationed in neighboring Uganda, Obama said in a notice to the Us Congress.

U.S. Behind Regime Change Bid In Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - With overwhelming evidence pointing to the United States’ ploy to foist regime change in Zimbabwe, it is somewhat condescending for that country’s ambassador Bruce Wharton to deny his country’s unquestionable culpability. In an interview with NewsDay last week, Ambassador Wharton said his country had never followed any regime change policy on Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: The Many Faces Of Western Regime Change Agenda

AFRICANGLOBE - The US and some of its Western allies orchestrated the assassination of the revolutionary leader Patrice Lumumba. Furthermore, the military overthrow of Ghana’s leader Kwame Nkrumah in 1966 had Western imprints all over. In fact the list of Western interventions across the world, especially that of the US is endless.

Opposition Parties Unites for Regime Change in Sudan

Leaders of Sudan's mainstream opposition parties managed on Wednesday to sign the Democratic Alternative Charter (DAC) which unequivocally adopts the goal of regime change...