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Mali Crisis, Al-Qaeda Driving ‘Arc of Instability’ Across Africa – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - Two new studies report that "the growing role of al-Qaeda across northern Africa," fueled by the Mali crisis and Libyan arms influx, is creating an 'Arc of Instability' across Africa's Sahel that poses an "acute threat" to countries in the region and to Europe and the US.

Capitalising From Regional Economic Integration in Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The success of one nation depends on the success of its neighbours. It happened in Asia, now we are seeing this in the Eastern African region. The Eastern African region is a region with robust growth leading to a 'New Normal' for Africa.

Roads and Power Projects East Africa’s Pride

AFRICANGLOBE - The inauguration of Athi River-Namanga (Kenya) through Namanga to Arusha in Tanzania this past week graced by Tanzania's President Dr Jakaya Mrisho...

Southern Africa Sending Standby Force to Eastern Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has decided to activate its stand-by force and dispatch it to the troubled eastern region of...

Ghana: No Clear Winner Yet in Presidential Election

AFRICANGLOBE - There is no certain winner yet in Ghana's presidential election even though incumbent President John Dramani Mahama is thought to be in...

Southern Africa: Region Calls Urgent Summit on DR Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - South African president Jacob Zuma is to travel to Dar es Salam where regional leaders are expected to hammer out approaches to...

Suffering in Northern Mali

How might military action in northern Mali unfold and what impact will it have on the local population? A recent article in the Wall Street...

With Impressive Growth, Half Of Africa Now Middle Income

AFRICANGLOBE - Out of the all the countries in Africa, nearly half of them are considered middle-income countries based on the per capita income of their citizenry—a number that grows with each year as the African continent continues to be the second fastest growing region in the world behind Asia.

Fighting Erupts Among Arab Invaders in Malian Town of Gao

AFRICANGLOBE - Al-Qaeda-linked fighters have gathered reinforcements in the tense Gao region of northeastern Mali and are waiting to see if the Tuareg rebels...

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, a Regional Heavyweight

AFRICANGLOBE - A diplomat for the region and an autocrat on the home front, President Yoweri Museveni seeks to burnish Uganda's regional diplomatic credentials...

10 Killed as Arab Militia and Govt Soldiers Attack North Darfur

Ten people were killed on Friday during an attack by Arab militiamen in Sigili village located 40 kilometers southeast of the capital of North...

Trade Barriers Cost Africa U.S.$20 Billions Yearly

African states including the East African Community (EAC) member states have been urged to dismantle trade barriers in a move that would enable them...

South African Exports to Africa On the Increase

With the continued gloomy outlook in eurozone countries and a slowdown in growth in a number of developing economies, a rapidly growing Africa holds...

What Triggered Islamic Chaos in East Africa?

Economic growth in the East African Community (EAC) partner states could drop considerably if leaders in the region fail to halt the relenting religious...

Ethiopia – Egypt : Is a War Over the Nile Still...

Until the recent positive signs of cooperation between some of the Nile riparian states, disputes between the downstream and upper riparian states over rights...

France Sending Drones to West Africa Holding Secret Meetings

France will move surveillance drones to West Africa and is holding secretive talks with U.S. officials in Paris this week as it seeks to...