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South Africa Leads African Competitiveness

South Africa is the highest-ranked African country and third-placed among the BRICS economies in the World Economic Forum's (WEF's) latest Global Competitiveness Index, ranking...

Zimbabwe: Infrastructure Key for Development

The economic challenges that Zimbabwe has gone through over the past decade owing to Western-imposed illegal sanctions, have besides, inflicting serious hardships on the...

Deaths, Losses Mount in Haiti in Wake of Tropical Storm Isaac

Before setting its sights on Cuba and South Florida, Tropical Storm Isaac left at least eight Haitians dead and cut a path of destruction...

Southern Africa Forges Ahead With Its Common Agenda

Southern Africa has taken a significant step forward in its quest for deeper regional integration following the approval of a long-awaited blueprint that outlines...

Jihadist Group Threatens to Attack Egyptian Army

An Islamist militant group operating in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula bordering with Israel warned the Egyptian army on Wednesday that an ongoing military crackdown on...

Major African Airlines Move to Dominate West African Market

Successful African airlines like Ethiopia Airlines, Kenya Airways and South Africa Airways (SAA) are trying to take over the lucrative West African air transport...

East Africa’s Political Puzzle

Oil, electricity and agriculture are set to transform East Africa over the next decade. And in the regional jigsaw, politics, economics and security will...

Egypt Launches Air Strikes On ‘Militants’ in Sinai

Egyptian aircraft struck at targets near the border with Israel on Wednesday and troops raided villages in a crackdown on Islamic militants blamed for...

Mali Facing ‘Desperate’ Situation

The United Nations today called for immediate action to tackle Mali's current humanitarian crisis which is driven by food insecurity, malnutrition, population displacement and...

African Tourism Slowly Coming of Age

Jet-lagged, 500 delegates from around the world arrived in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, in May to deliberate on the path to Africa's tourism future. To unwind,...

South Africa and Angola Sign Infrastructure Pact

South Africa and Angola have signed a technical cooperation agreement to support infrastructure development in the oil-producing country, as part of a drive to...

Rising Tensions Between Ethiopia and Eritrea

The latest report from the United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea has stirred tensions between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. Eritrea has seized on...

‘African Union Chairmanship Coming to Southern Africa’

Zambia's Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda is confident that the position of African Union chairmanship will this time around go to the Southern African...

Namibia: Roads Toward Prosperity

Even though Namibia decries the 'upper middle-income country' World Bank classification - which simply classifies Namibia as a well-to-do country - recent completed infrastructural...

Security Council Considering African Request for Stabilization Force in Mali

Condemning the forcible seizure of power in Mali earlier this year, the United Nations Security Council today demanded the immediate and unconditional cessation of...

Beginning of End for Omar Hassan Al-Bashir?

Student-led demonstrations coupled with growing frustration among sections of Sudan's broader population provide the strongest indications yet of a real push for regime change,...