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Women and Domestic Abuse

AFRICANGLOBE - Abuse comes in different forms: mental, emotional, verbal, physical. Chances are if you are experiencing one of these, then eventually you will experience them all! Every day women find themselves in abusive relationships. What makes us so susceptible to abuse?

The EU and Africa – From Eurafrique to Afro-Europa

AFRICANGLOBE - A valuable collection of essays sheds light on the complex relationship between Africa and the European Union. Seldom do continents share such a deep-rooted, instantly recognisable, and often paternalistic and exploitative relations as Europe and Africa. Yet despite these associations, surprisingly little has been written on the contemporary ties between Africa and Europe.

China Offers Broader Relationship With Africa Than U.S. – Experts

AFRICANGLOBE - China's business and development model in Africa differs sharply from that of the United States, as it is offering African countries a broader relationship, U.S. according to a group of experts.

Do Women Raised Without Fathers Love Differently?

As women we often undermine or overlook the importance of having a father around. Not just “around-the-way” around, but an active, checked-in, available father. Men,...

AU Revoir To French Meddling In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - France has never really let go of its African colonies, nor have those colonies ever really let go of France. It's a tangled, poisonous relationship that is under increased scrutiny.

Ties With Emerging Economies to Benefit Africa

African countries south of the Sahara are set to benefit from their engagement with emerging economies like China, India and Brazil as these powerful economies outsource some of their industrial activities. There is increasing indication that emerging economies seek to outsource some of their industrial activities, particularly in light manufacturing, to developing nations. This would be a change of attitude from regarding developing countries, especially those in Africa, as sources of raw materials.

Tsvangirai Blames ‘State Agents’ for His Sexcapades

Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has chickened out of his ‘marriage’ only 14 days after paying lobola (a dowry). The prime minister blames the “media” and “state security agents” for “ruining” his relationship with Ms Lorcadia Karimatsenga.

Rwandam President Paul Kagame Meet Sarkozy to Rebuild Ties With France

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is to have lunch with French president Nicolas Sarkozy, as the 2 men continue efforts to rebuild the Franco-Rwandan relationship, which collapsed amid controversy over France's role in Rwanda's past.

Bishop Long’s Gay Sex Allegation Troubles Set to Continue

The Bishop Eddie Long saga seems to just go on and on. After he settled a reputed $15 million lawsuit from four young men, who claimed that he seduced them into a sexual relationship

Minimising the Menace of Same Sex Relationships

Whatever human rights activists say, same sex relationship can never ever be natural. That is one reason why Africans sides with the assertion of the Christian Council of Ghana that the entire society should work towards the eradication of gay and lesbianism practices from this country.

Fight Over Africa Mounts Between U.S. and China:Chinese Response to Hillary...

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Africa on Friday that China is embarking on "new colonialism" by extracting the continent's natural resources to enrich its development interests, and she held up the United States as an alternative.

No to One Sided Sino-Africa Ties

African countries must use mineral resources at their disposal as "leverage card", insisting on "increasing local beneficiation" to create a more sustainable and favourable relationship with China.

Nigerian Investors Flock to The U.S. Seeking Business Partnerships

The delegates will visit Inland Empire and Silicon Valley in California and Atlanta Georgia which is also sector specific focusing on Agric/Agro Allied, Real Estate/Construction, Infrastructural Services, Professional/Supports Services, and ICT Broad Band.