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The Myth Of The Single Black Woman

AFRICANGOBE - To be single is not a crime. Yet, for more than two centuries, almost all white American media treated unmarried Black people, or Black communities of supposed “low rates of marriage,” as deviant, unstable and unfit. The idea that Black women “like to be single,” or that “Black men are irresponsible,” and that marriage was non-existent in Black communities, has always been as false as the racist machines that produced the propaganda and justified them as causes for socioeconomic deprivation in Black America.

Tanzania To Publish Names Of Married Men To Protect Single Women

AFRICANGLOBE - Authorities in Tanzania are considering publishing the identities of all married men on a website run by a state agency as part of efforts to curb cheating and protect young women from “unnecessary heartbreaks.”

Shame And Pride In A Relationship – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Almost every woman that wants a man wants a man that loves them,  cares about them, protects them and provides for them. They want all of that but only in the way that they want it! If everything isn’t done in their way, the woman will seek to end the marriage, relationship or friendship. Instead of “ride or die”, too many of us run and hide!

Black Fathers Must Be Respected

AFRICANGLOBE - Too many women are sacrificing the well being of their children for their personal issues with the father. No one benefits in that situation and that father suffers right along with the child. There are men that hurt deeply in private because they long to spend time with their babies.

Do You Know Your Father? The Problems Of Fatherlessness

AFRICANGLOBE - The problems among young Black males stem from many areas such as lack of opportunity, systematic racism, low self-esteem, living in a violent environment, drugs, etc. The root of the problem for some Black males may be the absence of the father in the Black family. The relationship between the absent father and the problems of some young Black male is definitely a strong one. Black males need strong Black fathers as models in which to live their lives. Researchers have found that for young Black children, the results are nothing short of disastrous.

A Real Father Can Never Be Replaced

AFRICANGLOBE - A real father can never be replaced and a real man with children steps up to be a real dad. Though I hear many women say they are both mom and dad, no they are not because they were never built to be both. A woman cannot raise a boy to be a man as well as a man can because she is not one. A woman can tell her daughter what to look for in a man but she cannot show her. Thus the father sets the bar by being the standard of what his daughter should look for and accept in a man.

When People Try You – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Stop getting mad when that man or woman that you’re dealing with tries you. All of us have the tendency to try people. It’s in our DNA. You cannot know how far you can go in life, in love or in business if you never take the chance or the risk of going too far.

10 Types Of Women You Should Never Date

AFRICANGLOBE - Guys, this is exclusively for you. Have you ever wondered why the women you date always turn out to be annoying or weird in some way? Have you ever thought that perhaps you have been choosing the wrong type of women? Below is a list of ten different types of women you should avoid, according to an article I just came across. Read carefully and see if you can learn one or two things.