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Of True Muslims and Terrorists

Jihad as an Islamic concept must be one of the most misunderstood- all thanks to those practitioners of a muscular form of Islam who...

The Miseducation of Republicans and the Black Community

Over the weekend I met a Black conservative. I’m not sure if he is a registered Republican, Democrat or Independent but he is by...

Modern Slavery of Ethiopian Women in the Arabian Peninsula

Bilene Seyoum raises critical points concerning the safety of Ethiopian domestic workers in the Middle East, suggesting that governments in the region could be...

Romney Should ‘Renounce His Racist Mormon Religion’ Says Rev

An African-American pastor affiliated with Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is demanding that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “renounce his racist Mormon religion.” At a press...

The New Scramble for Africa: Asian Invasion Disturbing

Unlike a century ago, there aren't armed marauders roaming the continent to drive Africans out of arable land - AT LEAST NOT YET. Instead, the Asians are using a more peaceful tactic, but one that's just as effective. Cash.