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The IMF Says The World Is In A Mess – But...

AFRICANGLOBE - The IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook makes sobering reading for most of the world. But there’s a bright side: Africa. The world can focus on gloomy headlines about the IMF downgrading its projections, but… there are growth stories: They’re in Africa, which is taking the lead from Asia.”

Africa’s Economic ‘Rise’ Does Not Reflect Reality?

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa has more than half of the world’s 20 fastest growing economies, according to my calculations from IMF data of average annual GDP growth over the past five years: Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Overall GDP growth is an important indication of how a country’s economic power and significance change relative to other countries.

Nigeria’s GDP Rebasing: Could We See A 53% Rise In January?

AFRICANGLOBE - Next year Nigeria is likely to overtake South Africa as the largest economy in Africa when it is expected to change the base year for its GDP calculations. The consensus has generally been that this rebasing could see GDP increase by 40%.

Lagos Could Soon Be Africa’s 13th Largest Economy

AFRICANGLOBE - Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub, could soon have a US$45 billion economy – equivalent to that of Ghana, according to a recent report produced by Renaissance Capital economist Yvonne Mhango.

Investors Like What They See in Rwanda

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda, the East African nation known for a 1994 genocide that killed 800,000 people, made its international bond market debut recently. Investors seemed to like what they saw. The yield demanded by buyers of the $400 million, 10-year Eurobond offering was

Nigeria’s Foreign Direct Investment Hits Record $9 Billion High

The total value of Nigeria's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2011 was $8.9 billion with the country recording over 20 per cent of the...

Nigeria's Middle Class Growing Rapidly Says Survey

A new detailed survey and report on Nigeria's expanding middle class, issued by the leading emerging markets investment bank, Renaissance Capital, has portrayed Nigeria as a nation that is optimistic about economic growth, values entrepreneurship and is well positioned to capitalise on a boom in consumption.