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Mitch McConnell Opposes Reparations Because His Ancestors Were Slave Owners

AFRICANGLOBE - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a direct descendant of two slave owners in his family line. James McConnell and Richard Daley, two of the Kentucky Republican’s great-great-grandfathers, owned at least 14 slaves in Limestone County, Ala., NBC reported, citing 19th-century census records. All but two of the slaves were female.

America Has No Problem Paying Reparations Just Not To Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the second half of last century, countries like Germany, Austria, France, South Africa, and Canada have amended past wrongs by paying reparations to their victims. The US, too, has supported reparations as a form of restorative justice. After World War II, it supported Jewish victims of the Holocaust. As recently as 2016, the US Department of State helped Holocaust survivors access payments owed to them.