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RNC Votes to Block CNN, NBC From Hosting Debates

AFRICANGLOBE - Instead of modifying their policies to actually present smart solutions for middle class families, the only thing the GOP can unite behind is a plan to continue to limit the audiences — and voters — to whom they will communicate

Bobby Jindal: GOP Needs to ‘Stop Being the Stupid Party’

AFRICANGLOBE - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal warned fellow Republicans they "must stop being the stupid party" during a fiery and sharp critique Thursday night at the Republican National Committee's Winter Meeting. As Republicans gather in Charlotte, N.C., on Friday, many have focused on how best to reboot the party in the face of a 2012 election cycle that saw Democrats retain the White House and gain seats in both chambers of Congress.

The Unexpected Impact of Mitt Romney’s Racial Appeals

After signing into law the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, United States President Lyndon B. Johnson famously told an aide, “we just delivered...