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NAACP Has Lost Its Relevance Says Herman Cain

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Friday that while he is grateful for the past work of the NAACP, the organization has "lost...

Romney Should ‘Renounce His Racist Mormon Religion’ Says Rev

An African-American pastor affiliated with Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is demanding that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “renounce his racist Mormon religion.” At a press...

History 101 For Herman Cain

AFRICANGLOBE - Our brother Herman should have been aware that Cain killed his brother Abel out of jealousy! When the Lord enquired of Abel’s, “the keeper of the sheep,” whereabouts; Cain, “the tiller of the soil,” in arrogance responded, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Obviously answering his own question, he meant “No! I am not my brother’s keeper!” The Lord was so annoyed with Cain; he put a mark on him before he was forced to depart from the divine presence to dwell in the Land of Nod!