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Nevada Lawmaker Jim Wheeler Stirs Firestorm With Slavery Remark

AFRICANGLOBE - A Nevada assemblyman came under fire Monday after a YouTube video surfaced in which he told a Republican gathering he would vote to allow slavery if that is what his constituents wanted him to do.

The Puzzle Of Black Republicans

AFRICANGLOBE - The trope of the Black Republican has retained a man-bites-dog newsworthiness that is long past its shelf life. Clichés about fallen barriers are increasingly meaningless; symbols don’t make for coherent policies. Republicans will not gain significant Black support unless they take policy positions that advance Black interests

Fox News Ends Interview After Being Accused of Acting As ‘A...

AFRICANGLOBE - Fox News abruptly ended a Monday interview about the Benghazi attacks after a guest openly accused the network of acting as “a wing...

A Black Republican Explains Black Anger

Thank Zeus there are N*groes out there who can break down how the N*gro mind works for White people so that they can understand why...

Republicans Turn Their Hate Towards Susan Rice

AFRICANGLOBE - President Barack Obama lashed out at senior Republican senators Wednesday over their criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice in the aftermath of the deadly...

Will Republican Obstruction Continue?

Congratulations to the American voters who did the right thing and re-elected President Barack Obama. Now American will see if Republicans are finally willing...

Former Powell Aide: Republican Party ‘Full of Racists’

Lawrence Wilkerson, a Republican who was chief of staff under former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, says the Republican Party is "full of...

African Americans Vote Early in Battleground State

The U.S. presidential election is approaching, and excitement is building in key states where voters could determine the outcome if the race is close....

If Rape Victims Get Pregnant, It’s God’s Will Says Republican Richard...

Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock in a debate last night just may have staked out the most extreme social policy his party has seen...

Debate Watchers Say Obama Won

Thanks to an aggressive performance and a couple of zingers, a plurality of debate watchers questioned in a national survey say that the president...

Loy Mauch Another Republican Defending Slavery

Loy Mauch is the latest Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives found to have written letters in support of slavery. According to reports...

Rep John Hubbard: Slavery Was a ‘Blessing in Disguise’

Rep. John Hubbard of the Arkansas state senate believes that for Blacks in America, slavery was a “blessing in disguise.” These claims are taken...

The Hypocrisy Of American Democracy

The United States is fond of lecturing other countries and continents, such as China, Russia, and especially Africa, about the practice of democracy in...

Shut Down the Republican Party

Radio host Rush Limbaugh, vociferous proponent of the Republican party, has solemnly declared, “If the Republican party cannot win in this environment, then it...

Republican Daryl Metcalfe: ‘Lazy’ People (the 47%) Don’t Deserve to Vote

Pennsylvania Rep. Daryl Metcalfe is nothing if not blunt. The Butler County Republican positions himself at the center of almost every controversial issue in the Capitol, be it...

Republicans Worried About Mitt Romney’s Campaign

Republicans could use a bit of advice from an unlikely source right now: Obama adviser David Plouffe, who in 2010 told Democrats worried about...