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Mali: Military Intervention Looms, But Not Soon

The planned west African intervention force in Mali is not expected to be there before the end of the year, despite the UN Security...

UN Approve Preliminary Resolution for Military Intervention in Mali

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution to give West African countries and the African regional bodies 45 days to offer a...

France to Propose Mali Resolution at UN

France will soon propose a resolution to the Security Council paving the way for United Nations approval of military intervention in Mali, the French...

Rights Groups Ask UNSC for Sanctions and Consequences On Sudan

On the one year anniversary of the genocide in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, Act for Sudan, a bipartisan, interfaith alliance of American and Sudanese...

South Africa Accuses NATO of Misusing UN Resolution

The President pointed out that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which is at the helm of bombings in Libya, was pursuing regime change and political assassinations in Libya, instead of sticking to a UN resolution to protect civilians.

The African Union’s Mistake Of Policy And Principle In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The African support of the U.N. resolution was a mistake not only because it undermined the existing mechanisms and processes that are relevant for human protection on the continent but also because the now two-month-long military response in Libya to protect civilians has since degenerated into a plan to embolden Libyan rebels fighting to oust the country's leader