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Three Reasons African Countries Will Survive The Oil Crisis

AFRICANGLOBE - Recent statistics show that the Africa Rising narrative is not dependent on oil nor does it depend on mining. In a recent article, ‘The Economist,’ argued that the effects of the resource curse is waning. Here is how Africa is ending the curse:

Africa Has To Shed The Resource Curse Stigma

AFRICANGLOBE - Commentators on African economies still insist that the continent's future lies in the export of commodities; that Africa should continue to export almost all they produce, without adding value, and import virtually all that the people living on the continent consume.

How East Africa Can Avoid the Resource Curse

AFRICANGLOBE - Eastern Africa is the new fossil fuel frontier. In the last few years Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique have discovered large quantities of commercially viable oil and gas deposits, with the potential for even more discoveries as more aggressive prospecting continues.