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Bound Bodies Of Enslaved Africans Discovered In Portuguese Dump – Archaelogists

AFRICANGLOBE - In the early 15th century, Portuguese pirates like Henry the Navigator began sailing to Africa, bringing back both goods and enslaved people. A new archaeological study of more than 150 skeletons dumped in Lagos, Portugal, reveals that many of the enslaved Africans were not given proper burials and that several of them may even have been tied up at death.

Obama’s ‘Revenge’ Comment Referred to Romney

A campaign aide moved to explain President Barack Obama's comment in which he referred to voting as "the best revenge," saying that Obama was...

Evidence Mounts of Atrocities by Libyan “Rebels”

A series of reports from journalists on the ground in Tripoli have provided evidence of mass killings by the NATO-backed forces in the Libyan civil war. Any Libyan with black skin accused of fighting for the old regime may have a poor chance of survival