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1974 : Ethiopia’s Fallen Aristocrats

AFRICANGLOBE - These were once the high and mighty of Ethiopia - princes, imperial courtiers, provincial nobility, aristocratic landlords, blue-blooded ministers, and much decorated generals. They ruled entire provinces, owned enormous estates, and commanded private armies and could boast of belonging to royal families tracing their ancestry 2,000 years to the founding of the Ethiopian monarchy.

Wannabe Islamist Pharaoh Plunges Egypt Into Crisis

AFRICANGLOBE - Violence broke out across Egypt as protesters reacted to the power grab by Mohamed Morsi. His party's offices were torched, while his...

Africa Can Feed the World

"In the Bible, Christ talks about the people of Israel using the ox and plough - a technology that has been around for over...

Henri Christophe Of Haiti: King Of The First Black Republic In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Little is known about Henri Christophe's (English: Henry Christopher ) childhood. A great number of commentators report that he was born on Grenada island, a small nation in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles, and was the son of a freeman. His father, also named Christophe, was reportedly transported from West Africa or Central West Africa to Saint Domingue, the former French colony now known as Haiti.

Africa: A Second Chance for a Green Revolution

As the world searches desperately for ways to boost food production by at least 70 percent by 2050 to feed an increasingly hungry planet,...

South Africa; The Unfinished Revolution and the Massacre at Marikana

The massacre of 34 miners at Marikana lays bare the central contradiction of the South African “arrangement.” Back in 1994, “the ‘revolution’ was put...

Revolution May Happen in Sudan At Any Time Says Turabi

A revolution to oust the regime of war criminal Omer Al-Bashir could occur at any moment, said the Islamist opposition leader Hassan Al-Turabi on...

Obama Hosts International Debut for Libya’s Racist Non-Revolutionary Regime

The United States and the corporate media would have you believe that President Obama and the U.S. corporate media are celebrating the triumph of a “revolution” in Libya. But there was no revolution. “’Revolutionaries’ – African revolutionaries – do not name their fighting units ‘the Brigade for Purging Slaves, Black Skin.’”