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Systematic Racism Caused Flint Water Crisis – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The horrific Flint water crisis where lead contaminated the majority-Black city’s water system in 2014 was the result of systemic racism, according to a recently released report from the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.

Judge Approves Detroit Bankruptcy Plan

AFRICANGLOBE - The more than yearlong bankruptcy case in Detroit concluded Friday with US judge Steven Rhodes sanctioning a savage restructuring plan for the city, which creates a new precedent for an assault on public workers throughout the country.

Leaked Emails Reveal Conspiracy To Throw Detroit Into Bankruptcy

AFRICANGLOBE - Leaked emails show that as far back as January, there were backroom discussions being held between Detroit and Lansing public officials and corporate law firm Jones Day suggesting that the best course for Detroit would be to send it through Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

The End Of Democracy For African Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - Haven't you ever wondered, once a representative who differs politically from you, has said or done something that you find spectacularly stupid or offensive, what a nice thing it would be if the person just wasn't in office any more OR had his authority limited to something more appropriate to his intelligence, say for example asking you "Paper or plastic today?"