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Brazil: Culprits Who Assassinated Black Activist Marielle Franco ‘Identified’

AFRICANGLOBE - The head of the investigation confirmed the assassination was carried out by paramilitary members with the "very likely" participation of politicians. Marielle Franco, an Afro-Brazilian councilwoman, who was critical of police violence and the right-wing government, was assassinated in Rio de Janeiro along with her driver Anderson Gomes the night of Mar. 14, two weeks after she was named a rapporteur in a special commission to monitor military intervention in Rio de Janeiro.

Meet Rachel Maia, CEO Of Pandora Brasil – The Third Largest...

AFRICANGLOBE - Reading an article this month I had a pleasant surprise. The CEO of Pandora in Brazil is not a professional who came from outside the country. She’s from here. And more: a woman. What’s more: a Black woman. Rachel Maia, 44, has a degree in Accounting, postgraduate from USP, with courses at Harvard and had already worked eight years at Tiffany.

Rio Neighborhood Hit By Riots After Murder Of Afro-Brazilian Blamed On...

AFRICANGLOBE - Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro has erupted into violence after a popular TV presenter was allegedly killed by police in a slum, just a few hundred meters away from a venue for the 2016 Olympics. Angry local residents bombarded police with homemade weapons.

Brazil Sets Crack Cocaine Loose On Black Majority

AFRICANGLOBE - Crack addiction is out of control in Brazil. It started in the jungles of the Amazon and is now infesting the streets of the “favelas” (ghettos) of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. In fact, Brazilians are the biggest consumers of crack and cocaine in the whole world.