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Usain Bolt Is The Highest-Paid Track Athlete In History

AFRICANGLOBE - When Bolt is on the track, everyone else just looks slow. He simply leaves everyone in the dust. And when you look at how much the guy makes every year, you get the exact same feeling. This past year he made more money than any other track and field athlete – 10 times more! Not only is he the world record holder in the 100m and the 200m, earning him the title of "fastest man on Earth," but he also makes more money than any other track star in history.

British Transvestites Set To Compete Against Women At Olympic Games

AFRICANGLOBE - Their inclusion in Team GB will be hailed by deviants as a remarkable "human rights" victory – but it will also ignite controversy, with critics arguing that male-to-female competitors have an unfair biological advantage in terms of size, muscle mass and lung capacity.