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Fighting In Libya Getting Worse

AFRICANGLOBE - Officially Libya is not at war, but for the thousands of residents of the capital, Tripoli, who fled their homes at the weekend it is starting to feel like it. Fighting spilled across Tripoli's western districts after a battle between rival militias on July 19th and 20th for control of Libya’s main airport left 47 dead, marking it as the most violent day since the end of the 2011 CIA-Pentagon-NATO coordinated counter-revolution that toppled Muammar Gaddafi.

Libyan Militias Order Government To Step Down Or Face Detention

AFRICANGLONBE - Two Libyan militias have called for the country's legislators to step down or be detained, the head of the interim parliament has refused and called the ultimatum an impending coup. The term of the Libyan parliament, or GNC, expired on February 7. However, legislators voted to extend it with plans to hold new elections in the spring.

Black and Arab Militias Resume Fighting After Ceasefire

Rival militias in the Libyan city of Sabha resumed fighting hours after calling a ceasefire after three days of clashes that killed more than...