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The Important Role Of Armed Resistance In The Black Civil Rights...

AFRICANGLOBE - Ever since slaves were imported to Jamestown in 1619, armed self defense was an authentic part of the African American experience. I don’t just mean well-known rebellions like Nat Turner’s, but ordinary day to day. Almost every household I ever visited in the south had a hidden shotgun or pistol under the bed.

Mabel Robinson Williams, (1931-2014), Leaves A Legacy Of Struggle And Community...

AFRICANGLOBE - Funeral services were held in Detroit on April 25 for Mrs. Mabel Robinson Williams, the widow of African American revolutionary Robert F. Williams. The couple had settled in Lake County, Michigan, in the western region of the state, after returning to the United States from exile in the People’s Republic of China in late 1969.

The What And Why Of Negroes And The Gun: The Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Much of my scholarship over the last two decades has focused on gun issues. Some find this an odd specialty for someone like me. Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms is a sort of answer to people who wonder and often have asked, how is it that a Black law professor at a New York City law school comes to write sympathetically about the Second Amendment and gun rights. But Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms also demands its own preliminary explanation.

The Benguela Railway: 
The Sleepless Giant 
of Angola

In September 1912, the clattering carriages of the Benguela railway reached Huambo on Angola's central plateau. Just under a century later, the trains of the Caminho de Ferro de Benguela (CFB) will once again pull into the city thanks to Chinese capital and technology, which has been busy rehabilitating the most important economic corridor in south-west Africa.