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Cloudy Future For African-Americans In Mainstream Media

AFRICANGLOBE - Michael Baisden, Roland Martin, Soledad O’Brien and Constance White have all either been fired or stepped down from their respective positions in the communications field. With their departures the future of African-Americans in mainstream media is uncertain.

Roland Martin and The Militant Gay Agenda

I originally had absolutely no intention of writing about the recent flap surrounding TV personality Roland Martin, but because of the unfair treatment he...

CNN Suspends Martin for Speaking the Truth

CNN suspended political analyst Roland Martin on Wednesday for "offensive" tweets during the Super Bowl that some critics said were anti-gay. Martin commented on Twitter...

Eddie Long: Blame Black People…Black People Alone

The tweets were likely fleeting in nature, consistent with how the multitude of us use Twitter to socially interact. Momentary thoughts, ephemeral emotions…140 character...