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Russel Simmons Apologizes for Sickening “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape”

AFRICANGLOBE - Russell Simmons' newly launched All Def Digital channel on YouTube has already encountered a bump in the road. The Def Jam co-founder has pulled a controversial comedy video titled "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape" from his new property after his "buddies from the NAACP called."

Race Matters: Don Lemon’s Open Letter to Russell Simmons

AFRICANGLOBE - Below is a transcript of a letter Russell Simmons wrote in response to comments Don Lemon made regarding what Black youth can do to change the quality of their experience in America. The video of Lemon’s earlier comments is also embedded below.

Asking Your President Help Doesn’t Mean You Hate Him

AFRICANGLOBE - So much for the Executive Branch being able to get anything done: To hear some people say it, President Obama has no power whatsoever to enact policies that help the African American community.

Russell Simmons: Romney and Ryan ‘Will Destroy Our People’

Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons posted an impassioned plea to his Global Grind website today in response to Paul Ryan’s selection as the GOP...

Russell Simmons Eyes TV Network Purchase

Music mogul Russell Simmons is eyeing a major media purchase: he wants to buy a TV network. The channel would be "integrated" and truly "diverse," not segregated as is the standard now.