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Egypt, Russia Sign Military, Economic And Nuclear Deals

AFRICANGLOBE - Russia and Egypt signed several agreements to reinforce military and economic ties, along with a deal to help Cairo develop nuclear power capabilities. The agreements capped a two-day visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Europe On The Brink Of War

AFRICANGLOBE - Reports that Washington is considering arming the Western-backed regime in Kiev with weapons to attack pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have placed the risk of world war at the center of political life in Europe.

Anglo-Saxon Buffoons Versus Global South

AFRICANGLOBE - Here is the just-ended G20 meeting in Australia in a one-liner: a tiny bunch of Anglo-Saxon political buffoons attempts to drown out the Global South.

BRICS Group To Establish New Development Bank

AFRICANGLOBE - Leaders of the BRICS group of emerging powers on Tuesday created a Shanghai-based development bank and a reserve fund seen as counterweights to Western-led financial institutions.

Ukraine: The New Cold War Is Heating Up

AFRICANGLOBE - Some Western Europeans say, jokingly, that at least winter is almost over, and if “Putin shuts off the gas,” they will not have to be cold for long. But as the Ukrainian crisis amplifies, European laughter will be short lived.If the European Union had not been a doormat for Washington’s neocons to wipe their feet on, the crisis in Ukraine would not have been engineered.

Egypt Close To $3 Billion Arms Deal With Russia

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt is close to finalising a $3 billion agreement for Russian arms financed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates following a meeting between Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Egypt Heading Towards Civil War – Vladimir Putin

AFRICANGLOBE - Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Egypt is on the path to civil war with the turmoil the country has found itself in over the past week.

Sudan Ready to Accept Abyei’s Partition Says Russian Envoy

Sudan is ready to accept Abyei's partition, to end the dispute over this region with South Sudan, said Mikhail Margelov, Russian President Vladimir Putin's...