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Chinese Immigrant Jailed For Tying-Up And Whipping Africans

AFRICANGLOBE- A court in Rwanda sentenced a Chinese immigrant to 20 years in prison for torture after he was filmed tying-up and whipping a Rwandan man. Sun Shujun, a known abuser and manager of a mine in the west of the country, had been accused of beating his workers in a case that drew national attention after he was filmed whipping a man tied to a cross on the ground.

Nazi Physicians And Human Experiments In Rwanda

AFRICANGLOBE - After the Genocide, in an effort to root out division among the Rwandan people, ethnic profiling was outlawed in Rwanda.

Rwanda To Boost Nuclear Energy Development With Research Centre

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda has entered negotiations with Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation (ROSATOM) over the establishment of a Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST) in the East African nation. This follows an accord on non-violent uses of atomic energy that was signed by both countries in 2018.

Rwanda Unveils New Chinese-Made Weaponry

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda’s military is now operating Chinese PCL-09 self-propelled howitzers and Red Arrow 9A anti-tank missiles. These were displayed for the first time at the annual combined arms exercise at the Gabiro Combat Training Centre on 11 December. The Hard Punch III exercise was attended by President Paul Kagame. 

Fostering Green, Made-In-Africa Innovations

AFRICANGLOBE - Over 1000 policy makers, experts, investors and financial specialists from across Africa are gathered this week in Kigali, at a week-long Africa Green Growth Forum 2018 to discuss how to foster green, made-in-Africa innovations to meet the needs of the continent.

Rwanda Is Constructing Africa’s Answer To Silicon Valley

AFRICANGLOBE - Kigali Innovation City, which is poised to have a Pan-African human and economic development impact to step up Africa’s transformation agenda. Located in Kigali’s Special Economic Zone, the project is valued at about $2 billion and will host world-class universities, technology companies, biotech firms, and commercial and retail real estate on 70 hectares of land.

Rwanda And Ethiopia Inventing A New Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda and Ethiopia have suggested new development models they believe can help Africa break away from the prescribed Western models. African leaders of the two countries and those from other states agreed that Africa should stop being bullied into “accepting policies that misrepresent us and do us harm in the end.”

Arrest Of Rwandan Spy Chief Could Spark Diplomatic Spat With UK

AFRICANGLOBE - The decision by the United Kingdom to arrest the head of Rwanda’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) is likely to spark a diplomatic row between Kigali and London. Lt Gen Emmanuel Karenzi Karake's arrest on Saturday at Heathrow Airport as he prepared to board a plane back home from an official mission was based on indictments on war crimes issued by a Spanish Judge in 2008 on 40 senior Rwandan army officers.

Outrage As Britain Arrests Rwandan Intelligence Chief

AFRICANGLOBE - British police arrested Rwanda's intelligence chief as he was about to leave the country at the weekend, London news organisations report. Karenzi Karake, head of Rwanda's national intelligence and security services, was arrested on a European arrest warrant issued by a Spanish court.

Rwanda Economy To Expand 6.5 Percent In 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda's economy is expected to grow by 6.5 percent this year from 7.0 percent in 2014, while inflation will remain contained, the International Monetary Fund said on Thursday.

Rwanda To House Africa’s Newest Smart City

AFRICANGLOBE - Nairobi recently emerged the smartest city in Africa, creating in the process an incentive for other continental cities to join the bandwagon. In a very recent development, the Government of the Republic of Rwanda has entered into an official agreement with Ericsson, a key Communications and Technology Services provider, to kick-start the smart Rwanda project.

Rwanda Starts Testing Americans For Ebola

AFRICANGLOBE - Hey, West: Not everyone in Africa has Ebola. In fact, most Africans are scared you'll give it to them. Rwanda is not cool with the fact that the U.S. and Spain have Ebola. Rwanda announced Tuesday that it will screen all Americans and Spaniards trying to enter the nation. That’s right, some Africans are saying you’re too much of an infection risk to enter their country.

‘What Really Happened In Rwanda? History Of The Genocide. Role Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week, a new BBC documentary titled “Rwanda: The Untold Story” upended the world’s basic beliefs about what really happened during the Rwandan war and genocide of the 1990s. The history that the documentary challenges is not legally enforced in the United States, as it is in Rwanda, but it is ideologically central to U.S. foreign policy.

What The Rest Of Africa Could Learn From Rwanda

AFRICANGLOBE - The Doing Business rankings released last year revealed that Rwanda had shot up a whopping 22 places since the previous year, now 32nd.

Huge Emotion At Rwanda Genocide Commemoration Ceremony

AFRICANGLOBE - Screams and wails punctured the crowd at Rwanda's Amahoro stadium here in Kigali on Monday as people were overcome with grief while listening to a survivor of the 1994 genocide tell his story.

Rwanda, Africa’s Top Retail Destination

AFRICANGLOBE - East Africa growing power house, Rwanda has been singled out as the fastest place for multinational retailers to grow their business, beating the likes of South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya who are tagged Africa’s fastest growing economies in their respective regions.