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East Africa to Accept Regional Currencies

AFRICANGLOBE - Residents of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania will now be able to travel with their respective national currencies in other East African Community (EAC) countries and make digital cross-border cash transactions in real time.

Rwanda And The New Scramble For Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Robin Philpot’s important new book Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa is an eye-opener and essential reading for anybody who wants to understand the recent history of Rwanda, ongoing U.S. and Western policy in Africa, and how efficiently the Western propaganda system works.

Rwanda’s Economic Outlook Set For A Turnaround

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda’s economy is likely to grow beyond the earlier projected rate of 6.6 per cent in 2013 following a sharp turnaround in activity fuelled by a healthy recovery of lending to the private sector and resumption of aid flows in the fourth quarter of the year.

East African Nations Agree On Single Currency

AFRICANGLOBE - Heads of state of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, which have already signed a common market and a single customs union, said on Saturday that the protocol would allow them to progressively converge their currencies.

Are We Witnessing A Power Shift In Africa’s Great Lakes Region?

AFRICANGLOBE - Though the resulting Force Intervention Brigade was eventually deployed under the overall command of the UN, it retains Tanzanian leadership and South African muscle, including state-of-the-art attack helicopters that led to the defeat of the M23 rebels.

M23 Rebels To Cease Combat Around Goma

AFRICANGLOBE - Democratic Republic of Congo's M23 rebels will stop fighting and withdraw from front lines immediately to allow an investigation into shelling that hit neighbouring Rwanda, their leader said on Friday.

Tension High In DR Congo as UN Brigade Prepares to Attack...

The planned offensive by the UN Intervention Brigade on M23 rebels in eastern DR Congo this week is raising fears of a humanitarian crisis. Aid workers have warned that the existing humanitarian crisis in the war-ravaged mineral rich eastern part of DRC could worsen if the UN hybrid force uses force to disarm the rebels, who have vowed to fight back if attacked

Malcolm X: The Rape Of The Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - The more things change, the more they remain the same. Note how Malcolm talks of corporate media ignoring atrocities against Congolese just like today's crimes by Rwanda and Uganda had been ignored for a long time. Malcolm X cared deeply about Africa.

Rwanda and the West

AFRICANGLOBE - In an e-mail, someone asked me a simple question: "Why this bad blood between Rwanda and the West? You must be doing something vicious that the whole of the West should be ganged against you." The answer, though, is not so simple.

Can East Africa Realise its Pipeline Dreams?

AFRICANGLOBE - At the end of June, the presidents of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the construction of two pipelines across East Africa.

Paul Kagame and the Fate of the Great Lakes Region

The tectonic plates in Africa's great lakes region appear to be shifting. This July Congo activists are marking a year since some European countries suspended aid money to Rwanda, following Kigali's continued support to warlords and militia gangs terrorising Congo's eastern provinces.

Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda in Ambitious East Africa Development Plan

AFRICANGLOBE - President Museveni's first major meeting with Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta and Paul Kagame of Rwanda focused on agreeing to a memorandum of understanding to improve relations and enhance development of the three countries.

Rwanda and Israel to Forge Closer Ties

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda's President Paul Kagame arrived in Jerusalem, Israel, on Monday to strengthen ties between the Middle East nation and his country at the fifth Israel Presidential Conference.

Is Rwanda the Next Big Thing in Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - Over the last few years, a lot of optimism has been built around Rwanda being the next big thing in Africa. I guess one reason for this optimism is Rwanda’s impressive list of business friendly reforms and its equally impressive growth performance.

Rwanda and the New Lions of Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - As the world economy continues to stagnate, a story of hope is unfolding on my continent. Nine out of 15 of the world's fastest growing countries today are African. Over the past decade, the continent's economies have grown at an average 5% per annum

Investors Like What They See in Rwanda

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda, the East African nation known for a 1994 genocide that killed 800,000 people, made its international bond market debut recently. Investors seemed to like what they saw. The yield demanded by buyers of the $400 million, 10-year Eurobond offering was