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Kagame Urges African Unity, Integration

AFRICANGLOBE - President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has called on the African leaders and citizens to work towards continental unity and integration.

Rwanda to Eradicate Poverty In 20 Years – Oxford University

AFRICANGLOBE - A major study released by Oxford University has concluded that if Rwanda keeps the current pace in tackling poverty, it will be a thing of the past by 2033. However, it will take Ethiopia 45 years. The study covering 22 countries says Rwanda showed the biggest improvement in sanitation and water.

No Honour Among Thieves: Hundreds of M23 Rebels Flee to Rwanda

AFRICANGLOBE - Fierce fighting between two DR Congo rebel factions of M23 broke out on Friday with one group led by Gen. Sultani Makenga causing 718 rebel fighters led by ex-political leader Jean-Marie Runiga to flee to Rwanda. For the past three weeks, two factions have emerged in M23 and have been battling each other.

Genocide: Zionism, Rwanda and American Universities

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwandan President Paul Kagame will speak at the University of Hartford, Connecticut’s Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies this coming Tuesday, March 12, to mark the launch of its both “Genocide and Holocaust Education Initiative,” even though scholars, journalists and protestors all over the world, and nearly 20 years of U.N. investigative reports have accused Kagame himself of genocide and mass atrocities in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Rwanda: Empowering Local Entrepreneurs, Key to Weaning Country Off Aid

AFRICANGLOBE - As government officials retreat in a few weeks, I would like to underscore the importance of empowering local entrepreneurs in weaning Rwanda off aid in the long run. One way for a nation to become self-reliant is making its citizens self-reliant.

Congo: Peace Deal to Break Great Lakes’ Conflict Pattern

AFRICANGLOBE - A peace, security and cooperation framework agreement for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Great Lakes region was signed in Ethiopia at the weekend raising hopes of a return to peace in the region. 

Rwanda: Tourism Revenue up 17%

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda’s tourism sector registered tremendous growth as the revenue generated increased by 17% last year compared to 2011. The U.S. recorded the highest number of visitors, with 24,041, followed, by India (14,957), UK (13,355), Belgium (9,192) and Germany (9,180).

Rwanda Launches ‘iGuide’ Investment Portal

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda has launched iGuide, an investment portal that will attract and update potential investors on business opportunities in the country in a bid to encourage an investment-friendly climate in the country.

Rwanda: Heritage Tourism Can Enhance Growth of the Tourism Industry

AFRICANGLOBE - A critical examination of the tourism sector shows that 2012 was an impressive year. With the sector generating $232 million by October 2012, compared to $204 million in 2011, it was the biggest foreign exchange earner.

Rwanda Registers Fastest-Growing Economy in Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda's general economic environment was characterised by several upward and downward spirals that were nonetheless kept within control limits. Growth and development was normal, but most importantly, Rwanda maintained its position as a leading investment-friendly destination in Africa.

Rwanda: ‘We Are On the Right Path,’ Kagame

AFRICANGLOBE - It is undeniable that Rwanda has made and continues to make tremendous progress, President Paul Kagame said on Monday afternoon in the parliament while giving his State of the Nation address.

Rwanda: Self Empowerment Should Become Our Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda's President Paul Kagame has appealed to Rwandans to double their efforts in order to improve their lives in the coming year. The President was addressing residents of Mageragere Sector, Nyarugenge district, where he participated in a tree-planting exercise during this year's last community work.

Rwanda Removes Visa Requirements for Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - The International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) has lauded Rwanda following its move to issue entry visas to nationals from all African...

Rwanda: Oil Prospects Gain Momentum

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda's Prime Minister Pierre Damien Habumuremyi recently told parliament that studies done so far have shown that there are very high prospects...

Only the Congolese People Can Save Democratic Republic of the Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - M23, the 23 March movement, is the fourth incarnation of Paul Kagame's proxy group for Rwanda's territorial expansion and looting the natural...

3 African Countries Ranked Among Top Tourist Destinations In The World

AFRICANGLOBE - Mozambique, Malawi and Rwanda have been named among the top tourist destinations in the world and among the top ten adventurous places...