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S. Africa’s Jacob Zuma Faces Relentless ‘Public Protector’

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's government-appointed public protector refused to back down Thursday in the face of attacks from the ruling party over her allegations of corruption against President Jacob Zuma.

South Africa: Creating a State-Owned Steelmaker One Step Closer

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa moved one step closer to the creation of a state-owned steel manufacturer on Monday with the Industrial Development Corporation's (IDC's)...

Southern Africa Has Astronomical Energy Potential

AFRICANGLOBE - The potential for renewable energy (RE) in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is estimated at 37,342 TeraWatt hours (TWh). According to...

Land Reform in South Africa – an Unfulfilled Obligation

The question of land and agricultural reform in South Africa remains largely unresolved as we head towards the end of our second decade of...

South Africa: Renewable Energy Programme to Bring in Billions

South Africa's Department of Energy says it is expecting R47 billion to be invested in the country through Window 1 of the Renewable Energy...

South Africa Growth Outlook 'Highly Promising'

South Africa, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are the markets with the most promising 10-year growth outlook, Bank of America Merrill Lynch says in a report on the long-term growth outlook for the EMEA countries - Europe, Middle East and Africa.