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Black Libyans Call For International Investigation Into Crimes Against Them

AFRICANGLOBE - Components of Libya's Tubu tribe in a statement demanded the release of their abducted sons immediately and unconditionally, calling on the Security Council and the international community to intervene urgently, to protect civilians and form an international commission, in order to investigate violations in the city of Murzuk, in accordance with international legislation and charters.

Western-Backed Warlord Attacks Black Cities In Southern Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - Forces from eastern Libya swept through the south and took control of oilfields in recent weeks have reinforced a base in the centre of the country and signalled to Tripoli it may be next. The United Nations, stunned by the southern advance, is scrambling to mediate between eastern commander Khalifa Haftar and Tripoli’s internationally-recognised government led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj, Western diplomats say.

Black and Arab Militias Resume Fighting After Ceasefire

Rival militias in the Libyan city of Sabha resumed fighting hours after calling a ceasefire after three days of clashes that killed more than...