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Public-Private Partnerships Needed for African Infrastructure

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has recommended partnerships between governments and private companies to build large-scale transportation projects in Africa. "Governments can only do...

George Zimmerman Worried About Wife’s Safety After Mug Shot is Released

George Zimmerman fears for his wife's safety after she was arrested Tuesday and her mug shot made public, according to the accused killer’s lawyer. Shellie Zimmerman,...

South Africa ‘Nuclear Power Competent’

South Africa possesses sound knowledge gained from over 25 years' experience that makes it more than competent to operate large scale nuclear power plants,the...

Nigerian Govt Renews Commitment to Diversify Economy

Nigeria's federal government has renewed its commitment to diversifying the nation's economy to ensure the country depends less on crude oil as its major...

Reviewing the Cardinal Blocks of Tourism

In most parts of the world, April marks the beginning of spring, a renewal and of fresh hope. It also marks the gateway to...

African Airliners Top List of Aircraft Banned From EU

The European Commission has adopted the 19th update of the European safety list of air carriers subject to operating bans and other operational restrictions...

Nuclear Plants to Play Major Role in South Africa’s Energy Future

South Africa's plan to build nuclear plants is not a quick fix solution to the country's energy crisis but rather a step closer to...

African Airports Need to Expand to Cope With an Ever Growing...

Running an airline in Africa is not an easy task, at least not any more. Passengers are demanding top-of-the-range safety and service, small old planes...

Ban of African Airlines From European Union Sparks Protests

IN May this year, the European Commission updated its list of airlines that are banned from European Union (EU) airspace. The ban now affects 15 African countries including Zambia. The adoption of this policy has not gone without protest by the African aviation community and questions have been raised as to who is the ultimate beneficiary of this policy.