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France ‘Ready’ To Bomb Rebels On Libya Border

AFRICANGLOBE - France says it is ready to carry out strikes against fighters crossing out of Libya's southern border, and prevent the flow of weapons to groups fighting in Africa's lawless Sahel region.

Water Security No Longer A ‘Future Threat’ For Sahelian Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Anyone living in the Horn of Africa, along the Nile, or near Lake Chad knows that water-related issues are among the most severe and wide-reaching security threats in Africa, and have been for some time now.

Goodbye Libya, Welcome To The Islamic Emirate Of Benghazi?

AFRICANGLOBE - Without an army or effective civil service to exert its authority, Libya's government has been relying on a hodgepodge of local militia groups to guard key institutions and to keep itself in nominal power. Unsurprisingly, this has proved an unreliable foundation on which to construct a new state: and it's already falling apart.