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No Charges for Georgia Officer Who Shot and Killed Sammie Davis...

AFRICANGLOBE - Tuesday's decision has its fair share of critics, many of whom protested in support of the murdered Sammie Davis Jr. who was not armed when he was shot three times in the chest.

Protesters Demand Justice for Sammie Davis Jr. Shot In the Chest...

AFRICANGLOBE - Dozens of demonstrators descended on Macon City Hall just before Mayor Reichert's state of the city address, outraged at what they call a lack of leadership in the case where a police officer shot and killed unarmed Sammie Davis Jr. outside a Kroger supermarket.

Unarmed Black Man Shot Three Times In the Chest by Georgia...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two Macon councilmen said they're troubled that police released incorrect information in the first hours after an officer fatally shot Sammie Davis Jr. One of the councilmen says police failed to interview all the witnesses and left the scene unusually quickly. An officer shot Davis three times in the chest outside the Midtown Kroger supermarket on December 21st. Davis was unarmed.