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In The Presence Of My Enemies – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Don’t be scared of your enemies. If you live clean and let your works be seen your enemies won’t be able to kill you, hurt you or stop you! When your enemies try to cut you off, shut you down, destroy your marriages and relationships, get you fired, try to put you out of business, success is always the best revenge!

Samora Machel, 28 Years Still No Answers

AFRICANGLOBE- Samora Machel took office as Mozambique’s founding president in 1975, after years of heading the country’s guerrilla movement, Frelimo, in the struggle for independence from Portugal, and he proceeded to lead the country through a tempestuous decade. He was a firm believer in armed struggle not as a means to an end, but as a means to the beginning.

It’s Time for Black People to Support Their Own

Fifty years ago, African-Americans could buy everything they wanted or needed from Black business people. Those businesses are still in Black neighborhoods but now are owned by Jews, Indians, Arabs, Cubans and others that exploit Black communities. Today there are more Chinese restaurants in Black communities than there are Black restaurants!

Mozambique: Economy On Upward Trajectory

AFRICANGLOBE - There is now a clear opportunity to use Mozambique's massive gas and coal wealth to fund a yawning infrastructure gap. This in turn will help bring development to the furthest reaches of the country. The government has created a new development bank and is taking a tougher line with multinational companies in order to reach its goals.